Mouth Guards

When playing any form of sport where phyiscal contact is possible such as football, hockey, soccer, or lacrosse, it is essential to include a mouth guard as part of your uniform or equipment.

Mouth guards can help limit the risk of mouth related injuries to your lips, tongue, soft tissues, and teeth. Mouth guards can even prevent against structural damage to your jaw, nerve damage to a tooth and even tooth loss. Mouth guards have also been shown to help decrease the risk of concussions.

There are several types of mouth guards available in sporting goods stores, but they can be bukly and may make it difficult for the wearer to breathe. Little can be done to custom fit these mouth guards so they may actually offer little or no protection. Much more protection can be provided by a mouth guard that is made specifically for you in a dental office or lab. After making an impression model of your teeth, a mouth guard is molded over the model from a special thin plastic. This thin plastic is ideal for mouth guards because it provides the utmost protection while making breathing and communicating easy for the wearer.

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