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One of the easiest and least invasive ways to improve upon the appearance of your smile is teeth whitening. From coffee, tea, and wine to cigarette smoking and some medications, there a variety of products we consume on a daily basis that cause gradual teeth staining. Even with all of the over the counter whitening products available to consumers today, keeping our teeth their whitest is still much harder than it sounds. Proper maintenance and oral care may leave your teeth lacking the luster you desire.

This is where a whitening system designed by your dentist can be effective. At our office, whitening results are accomplished through whitening trays and gels. Not only can you restore the natural color of your teeth, but you may even be able to reach a shade lighter than you originally had. This process is started by making an impression of your teeth that is used to craft custom whitening trays similar to night guards. These reusable trays are then filled with whitening gel and placed over your teeth for a short period of time. This at home application is then repeated over several days to achieve a smile 4 - 8 shades whiter!

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